Both ChamberPAC, the political arm of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry, as well as the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry (CCCBI) endorsed Warren Kampf for re-election to the State House in this year’s election.

The PA Chamber and CCCBI represent businesses and employers from across our community and state as they work to create jobs for our families and drive economic growth.  The CCCBI represents nearly 800 local employers, ranging from small and large businesses to sole proprietors and entrepreneurs.

Both organizations take their endorsements seriously and undertake  a thorough review process that can include interviews with the candidates and research on their position on business issues.

“I’m proud to have earned the endorsement of Chamber PAC, the Chester County Chamber, and their members across our region,” Kampf said. “One of my top priorities has been to help job creators spark economic growth for our families and these endorsements shows the policies I have supported are helping that to happen.”

“I understand that our families want good-paying jobs and economic security. The way to achieve that is by helping our job creators, and that is what I have done and will continue to do as Representative,” Kampf concluded.